What Game is the Best at Making You Feel Like a Badass Jedi?

What do I mean when I say badass Jedi? Really I’m talking about being a powerful Force user. For this article I’m not so much interested in the theology and religious themes of being a Jedi; being a good guy and all that. Rather, I’m going to explore the power fantasy of having the Force, and using it to get what you want. So really it’s more like being a Sith, but you still get to be the good guy in some of the games even if you’re absolutely using excessive and unnecessary Force.

Jedi Fallen Order

This was the first Star Wars action game I played in years and I was so excited for it after hearing about how great it was. Unfortunately, I don’t think it does a very good job at making you feel like a cool Jedi badass. You don’t start off with very much apart from your lightsabre and that’s fine. You get your Force powers as the game progresses, but even after you’ve upgraded them they still don’t feel great to use.

Force Push is probably the one I used most and while it can be used to blast weaker enemies off ledges, most stronger enemies are resistant or immune to it. Most of the time, when you could Push an enemy to death, you could’ve just hit him with your lightsabre and got the same result. The other Force powers in the game are disappointing too. Force Pull doesn’t really offer much in the way of combat and that’s kind of all you get. Technically, the double jump and wall run abilities are Force powers but you can do those things in so many other games already. They hardly make you feel like an all powerful Force user.

The lack of other combat powers is very disappointing but what really makes the Force underwhelming in Jedi Fallen Order is how limited it is. You can only use your Pull or Push a couple of times before it drains all your stamina. Several lightsabre combos also drain your stamina so your options are even more limited. Lightsabre combat itself feels a bit weak too. I know Cal Kestis isn’t a trained Jedi but I feel like basic ass Stormtroopers shouldn’t be able to put up that much of a fight against a lightsabre, you know?

The double sided lightsabre is disappointing too. It does a lot loss damage than the single sabre but hurts multiple enemies at once. Sounds like a decent trade off except the combat mostly focuses on taking out one enemy at a time so it’s not great. I would’ve enjoyed it more if it had been a late game upgrade that was just all round better.

Jedi Knights

That’s kind of how Jedi Knight does it. It starts as a first person shooter and Kyle Katarn doesn’t even get his powers until quite a bit into the game. That said, they’re still not super fun to use. Force Push can be used to throw objects but there aren’t many things to throw in most levels. Pull is kind of fun to use, as you can rip weapons straight out of your foes hands. The Force Jump is much more enjoyable here than in Fallen Order. Instead of just a double jump, it properly launches you into the air. When you’ve upgraded it fully, you can reach insane heights. This game also lets you use Force Lightning, which is always a blast to use and then there’s Destruction. It lets you kill anyone just by looking at them.

The only thing about this game is that you also have a huge array of guns to use and most of the time it seems they’re more powerful than your Force powers. That’s not a terrible idea in terms of gameplay. It just means the best way to play is to use both weapons and powers in tandem, which can be a lot of fun. Of course, you also get a lightsabre, which can kill most enemies in one or two hits. Unfortunately, you have to get up close to them and that usually means taking a lot of damage. That’s cool though because you eventually get a Force Shield power that’ll help keep you alive.

Although it takes quite a while before you can make the most of your powers, Jedi Knight does a pretty good job at making you feel like a badass Jedi. And its sequel, Jedi Outcast, does it even better.

Basically Jedi Outcast plays much the same as Jedi Knight but the Force powers are a lot more enjoyable and empowering. Lightsabre combat feels a lot better, as do the powers. Force Push can now bowl over anyone in your way, and when it’s upgraded you can knock down whole groups of enemies. Being able to lift your enemies into the air and damage them by smacking them into walls or choking them also makes things way more fun than just throwing random objects at them.

The Force Unleashed

This is the best one by far. Though this game didn’t review particularly well, I’ve loved it since the first time I played it years ago on the Xbox 360. The way this game handles Force powers is unlike any other Star Wars game I’ve played. Right from the get go you’re given powerful Force Push and Force Grip abilities. Initially, Force Push doesn’t let you do much other than knock people over. However, as you increase in power throughout the game, it can send groups of enemies hurtling through the air like little specs of dust!

Same goes for the Grip ability. You can pick up anyone you want and throw them about, send them flying or just fling them all round and up and down, taking damage as they smack into walls and even other characters. The game’s levels are full of objects that can be lifted and thrown as well. There’s always some kind of box or debris that you can lift and hurl at your foes. The unique animation system in the game, while primitive by modern standards, lets enemies display pretty lifelike reactions to things like having a Tie Fighter launched at them.

Infusing your sabre with lightning is a neat touch too.

There are other Force powers such as Lightning, Choke and even a cool lightsabre throw that imbue you with a sense of power but it’s mostly the Push and Grip powers that you’ll be using. The destructible environments are a big reason for that. Trees on Kashyyyk will splinter and snap as you throw your foes around and locked doors can be blasted open with Push. Metal doors bend and warp realistically and, if you’re feeling particularly sadistic, you can throw Imperial troops into them over and over again to make an opening if that’s your style. Truly, The Force Unleased is the best Star Wars game to play if you want to feel the destructive power of the Force.


But hold on, what if the game with the best Force powers isn’t even a Star Wars game? Control just might be that game. While Jesse Faden might not be a Jedi, her telekinetic powers match those of Force Unleashed’s Starkiller quite well.

She has a short range push that can easily knock down most foes and she can levitate, not unlike Kyle Katarn’s Force Jump. She even has a telekinetic shield and can “Seize” enemies, making them fight for her. Basically it’s a Jedi Mind trick.

Best of all though is her ability to pick up objects and throw them at breakneck speeds. Control does give you guns to play with but there is nothing as satisfying as hurling a giant rock at an unsuspecting enemy. It almost feels like an evolution of The Force Unleashed. Obviously not in terms of story, but in regards to gameplay it evokes the same feeling of power, only better. Just like Force Unleashed, the environment is highly destructible, but it’s much more realistic in Control. The way Jesse can rip chunks out of the floor or walls when there are no objects to throw is especially impressive.

So there you have it. Of the five games I played that let you actually play as a Jedi, The Force Unleashed was the only one that really gave me a proper sense of Jedi power. Honorable mention goes to Star Wars Battlefront as well. Playing as the Jedi and Sith warriors in those game is awesome as they have powerful abilities that nobody else on the field can use, but they’re only temporary. Overall I would say Control is still the best if you want to feel the full force of the Force. It goes above and beyond, improving on what Force Unleashed already did. Now if only Jesse could wield a lightsabre.

I’d love to hear what everyone else thinks about this. What’s your go to game when you want that feeling of unlimited power?

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